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Products>Thermal insulation

URSA XPS extruded polystyrene

Insulating panels in extruded expanded polystyrene.

Insulating sheets in extruded polystyrene with smooth surface with waterproof skin, produced with ecological blowing agent (with CO2),  with CE marking in accordance with standard EN 13164 and with EPD environmental declaration._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

- Insulation of inverted roofs

- Pitched roofs, ballasted warm roofs  

- Insulation of civil and industrial subfloors   

- Insulation of ventilated facade walls

- Retaining walls

- Interspaces

Gemastir Wainscot 034

Insulating panels for plinths
sintered expanded polystyrene

External thermal insulation (plinths)

Insulating sheets in light blue printed expanded polystyrene, with bas-relief surfaces with defined geometry for better gripping effect, compliant with the UNI EN 13163 Standard. 

Neostir GW30

Insulating panels in molded expanded polystyrene.

Insulating sheets in double-layer molded expanded polystyrene compliant with the UNI EN 13163 standard, consisting of an improved lambda gray layer, covered on the upper surface by a white layer with an embossed surface. 
- External thermal insulation

- Insulation of ventilated facades

Frontrock max plus 035

Rigid panels in uncoated rock wool.

Double density uncoated rock wool rigid panel for thermal and acoustic insulation, specifically designed for thermal insulation systems

Arctic white polystyrene 036

Insulating panels in sintered expanded polystyrene.

Improved lambda sintered expanded polystyrene insulation board, white cut from block for thermal insulation systems.

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