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Edinburgh S.A. since 1992.

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Edinthon SA was established in 1992. Its founder is Alessio Bubola who, after 17 years of work in the production of paints, plasters and thermal insulation, decided to set up on his own. At his side there are valid collaborators who, moved by the same desire to build something important, agree to challenge the crisis of those years. All together, rich in their experience and aware of their abilities, they give life to what, almost twenty years later, is one of the few paint factories still existing in Ticino.

Collaboration with designers, architects and site managers, as well as continuous contacts with the professional area, have enabled the company to develop technologically innovative products that promptly respond to market needs.

Thanks to continuous research into materials and the development of new leading products, among which the odorless Topacryl dispersion and the innovative Walges spray putty must certainly be mentioned, Edinthon is no longer just a local company, but a household name throughout Switzerland .

Since 2020 Edinthon has focused on the quality of the production, leaving the resale to the company Somazzi Dario Materials from construction SA. Today Edinthon is the only company that produces paints for third parties in the Ticino area.

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