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External dispersions

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Painting restores

Silicone paint.

Paint restores has excellent adhesion on all types of old or new substrates based on lime, cement, concrete, natural stone.

packs:plastic buckets da 25 kgs.

Colors: white and colors from the restore swatch.

Sample colors only if reproducible with inorganic pigments.


Paint for exterior.

Fuellfarbe is suitable for use on civil plaster  cement mortar, mortar  bastarda  or equivalent.

Packaging: plastic buckets da 25 kgs.

Colors: white and colors from the bundle.



Anti-carbonation paint.

Betonlasur is a transparent or colored matt varnish, based on acrylic polymers in aqueous emulsion, specific for the protection of internal and external reinforced concrete structures against carbonation; furthermore, due to the effect of the waterproofing action, it hinders the   penetration of water, minimizing wear and tear due to freeze-thaw cycles and the transport of salts.

Packaging: plastic buckets da 20 Kgs.

Colors: neutral or concrete gray with satin finish.

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