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What is the Walges

The Walges is onemineral puttyspray ready to use and easy to work withsubstitutethe traditional plaster finishes. Actually this coating is not a recent invention, as in Nordic countries it has been used for over half a century. In fact, it represents the most widespread system

of shaving used in modern buildings.

The current needs in the building construction industry to rationalize costs and to remedy the shortage of manpower, which is less and less specialized, have finally found a positive response with the use of Walges.

This product solves the problem of condensation in modern buildings and allows you to quickly complete the surfaces, keeping up with the most advanced construction methods.

The Walges represents the best solution

to be included in the specifications as it is the only skim coat applied directly to all surfaces:

in reinforced concrete, without prior use

primer; traditional plasters; gypsum fiber panels; fermacel; drywall.

We can without a doubt say that with this product you get a Q4 level finish which allows you to paint or wallpaper afterwards.

  • Confezioni:  sacchi in pvc da 20 Kg

  • Colori: bianco

  • Scheda tecnica:

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